Wednesday, 30 March 2011

SMU's favourite e-books

Have you ever wondered which e-books are the most popular with SMU Library users? Well wonder no more! Here are our top 5 most accessed e-books so far this year (there are actually 6 titles as there's a tie for 5th place):-

  1. 'Becoming a Teacher: Isues in Secondary School Teaching' (3rd ed.) by Justin Dillon & Meg Maguire

  2. 'An Introduction to Counselling' (4th ed.) by John McLeod

  3. 'Management and Organisational Behaviour' (8th ed.) by Laurie J. Mullins

  4. 'Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning' (4th ed.) by Graham J. Hooley, Nigel Piercy & Brigitte Nicoulaud

  5. 'Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour' by Elizabeth Parsons & Pauline Maclaran / 'Race, Culture and Counselling: The Ongoing Challenge' by Colin Lago
We have hundreds of titles available electronically and lots of you have been making use of them, which is good to see. For those of you who haven't yet discovered our e-books, you can find them on our catalogue by searching just as you would for a normal book. You can do this in the library or from anywhere in the world through the library website. You could be swotting from your course text book whilst sunning yourself in the South of France or whilst enjoying the view from a tent on the Gower (just as long as your course text is available as an e-book and you have Internet access and something to view it on!). If you'd like to find out more about our e-books and how to access them, please contact the library to ask.

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