Thursday, 16 July 2015

Library quote of the day...

“My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything. The perfect day: riding a bike to the library”- Peter Golkin.

Sounds good to us!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Thank you for voting for us!

The Library and Learning Resources Service at UWTSD Swansea was so thrilled to win the category 'Best Non-Academic Department' at the recent Students' Union Student-Led Teaching Awards event in May.

It really means a lot to the library staff, and we're glad to be able to make a positive contribution to student life here at UWTSD Swansea.

Some of the lovely comments included the following...

"Throughout my time at the university the library staff have been more than just someone doing a job, they have become friends, agony aunts, and provide motivation when you're at a low. Furthermore, this year they have gone above and beyond, to rack articles for my dissertation"

And the staff at our Owen Library in particular received some lovely praise...

"Owen Library. Wonderful people!"

"The staff in the library at Mount Pleasant have been incredible, every one of them. Nothing is too much trouble for you"

So thank you once more and we'll display our certificate with pride!

Monday, 6 July 2015

A-Z of UWTSD libraries...

Well, after a five month journey, we’re finally at the end of our UWTSD library A-Z! We hope you’ve found it interesting and that you’ve discovered lots of new things about your library service. Make sure you pop in next time you’re passing and discover something new for yourself. In the meantime, let’s finish the alphabet...

All images courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

X is for:
eXpertise (OK, so we cheated a bit! Let us know if you can think of something beginning with X!!) – Your librarians have a wealth of knowledge and expertise! If you’re struggling to find information for your projects and assignments, come and speak to us, we can help! We can show you the quickest and best ways to search for up-to-date and relevant subject related information. All you have to do is ask!

Y is for:
‘You said, we did’ – We do our best to take on board all your comments and suggestions and to make improvements to the library service wherever possible. This year, at your request; we introduced laptop loans, we increased the number of e-resources, we improved our library website, and we introduced the ‘suggest a book’ online request form for you to request new titles to be considered for purchase. Thanks for all your feedback!

Z is for:
Zones – We try and offer study space to suit all requirements, that’s why we divide our libraries into appropriate zones wherever possible. We provide quiet study space, groups study space, IT zones and seminar rooms for private group work and presentations. Please respect those around you and select the appropriate zone for your needs.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A-Z of UWTSD libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

Well, this is our penultimate entry in the UWTSD library A-Z...and it’s a double whammy! We’re focusing on letters V and W this week...

V is for:

Value – Your UWTSD libraries can save you a huge amount of money, we’ve done the maths! An average academic textbook costs somewhere in the region of £45...multiply that by 15 (the number of books an undergraduate student can borrow at any one time) and that amounts to £675 worth of books...if you borrowed just 15 books per term, that equals £2025 per that for the duration of your 3 year degree course and that’s £6075 that we’ve saved you! That’s without all the journals, newspapers and e-books that we give you free access to...and then there’s the free WiFi...the expert advice can’t afford NOT to use the library!

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

W is for:

WiFi – All our libraries are WiFi hotspots, so bring along your laptops, tablets and smartphones and you’ll have wireless internet access, completely free of charge! All you need to know is your UWTSD student ID and password. If you have any problems connecting to the WiFi network we have plenty of IT staff available to help.

Website – Our library website contains all the information you need to know about the library, from opening hours and contact details, to subject guides and inter-library loans. Plus, it acts as a portal to all the electronic content in our Online Library, such as; ebooks, ejournals, newspapers and market reports. So, add the library website to your bookmarks/’ll be glad you did!