Thursday, 24 March 2011

Looking for some peace and quiet?

During term time, SMU libraries are open weekday evenings and at the weekends. There’s less hustle and bustle at these times, so if you’re looking for a quiet place to swot up for your exams, try coming to us out of “office hours”. There’s also less competition for PCs at these times, so you can really get stuck in to that assignment you’ve been working on! For individual library opening hours, click the link to your library from our homepage:

We’re also open during vacation periods. Easter opening hours for each library are available on the library website. Just click the link under the Notices section. This year, Townhill Library’s late night opening carries on through the first week of the vacation to Friday 7th April and Owen Library at Mount Pleasant is open on Saturdays through the Easter holidays (except for Easter weekend!). Hopefully that will give you all a chance to come in and catch up on some studying, or to borrow some nice holiday reading!

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