Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z
We’re on letter I of our A-Z of UWTSD libraries this week! Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about libraries…

I is for:

·     Internet – All our UWTSD libraries provide you with free internet access, via networked PCs and Wi-Fi. All you need is your university login and password.

·      Inter-Library Loans – If we don’t have the book or journal article you’re looking for, we can borrow it for you from the British Library via our Inter Library Loan scheme. All you need to do is fill in a short form. The service is free of charge and requested items are usually supplied very quickly.

·    InformationLiteracy – Being ‘information literate’ means being able to find, evaluate and use a variety of information sources (both print and online) effectively and ethically. Your library can help! Did you know we offer Online Research sessions to help you understand and use the library’s e-resources more effectively for your studies? We also have Subject Librarians available at all times to help with any aspect of finding relevant information for your projects and assignments. Information literacy is an important life skill, not just for your education but for your future career too, so make use of the experts in your library now!  

·         Inspiration! – If you’re struggling for inspiration for a project, assignment or dissertation topic why not pop in to your nearest UWTSD library and ask for help? We have a wealth of information and expertise to hand! 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Library Easter Vacation Opening Hours

Our four UWTSD Swansea Libraries will be open during the Easter vacation, but do check our opening hours before you make the journey in!


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z
Time to move on with our A-Z of the highlights of UWTSD libraries - today we’ve reached the letter H

H is for:

·    Home – You don’t need to come into the library to access our fantastic resources, our online library is accessible from home 24/7. All you need is your university login and password and you’ll be able to access E-books, E-journals, E-newspapers and more without even stepping outside your own front door! Plus our library catalogue is available on our website and expert help from your subject librarian is only a phone call away if needed…so why not let us bring the library to you?!

·  Helpdesk (IT) – If you’re having problems with your university login/password, accessing Moodle, or any other IT related problems feel free to contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance. They can be reached by emailing or by calling (01792) 481134. 

·       Health, History, Heritage & Hospitality! – You’ll find information on a whole host of academic subjects at UWTSD libraries, these are just a few beginning with H!! Don’t forget the databases in our online library too, such as – Hospitality & Tourism Complete or Humanities Source.

·     Happy to Help – Remember, you can always ask a member of the library staff if you have any information related problems or queries…we’re happy to help!

Monday, 16 March 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

Time to continue with our A-Z of UWTSD libraries, we’re almost a third of the way through already! Today we move on to the letter G

G is for:

·    Group Study – We try and divide our libraries into zones, so there are dedicated quiet areas and also spaces where you can get together and work as a group. In our group study areas you can chat as you work and be safe in the knowledge that you aren’t breaking any rules - nobody is going to shush you! Several of our libraries also have bookable seminar rooms where you can practice your presentations as a group. Libraries aren’t just about silent study these days!

·        Green – Let’s face it, libraries have been at the forefront of recycling and all things green for centuries! Whether it’s books and journals about the environment that you’re interested in, or just doing your bit for the environment by borrowing books instead of buying them, your UWTSD library has got it covered. We’re even taking part in the Green Impact project to find ways of making our service even more environmentally friendly in the future. 

·  Geographical Information – Whether you’re looking for an atlas, Ordinance Survey maps, Lonely Planet travel guides or in-depth country reports you’ll find something to suit all your needs at one of our UWTSD libraries!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cool library quote of the day...

"The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library" - Albert Einstein

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

We’ve been working our way through the alphabet to highlight some of the great services your UWTSD libraries offer! Today we continue with the letter F

F is for:

·      Facebook: Like us on Facebook and we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and developments within your UWTSD library service. If the library has to close at short notice or there are problems with the IT network, you’ll hear it here first…if we’ve got a fab new journal database or some new books have just arrived, we’ll publicise it via Facebook…or if you just want to have a laugh at photos of the library staff in fancy dress for World Book Day (tomorrow!!) this is where you’ll find them!         
·         Fiction: If you want a break from the serious textbooks you have to read for your course, why not borrow a novel from your UWTSD library too? You’ll find plenty of fiction available - take look at our library catalogue to locate something of interest. Swansea students will also find a selection of novels chosen by the librarian on display at each campus library to whet your appetite, plus items can be requested from other sites if required.
·     Films: You’ll find a vast selection of films available for loan from your UWTSD libraries. From mainstream to art-house or foreign language cinema, we have something for everyone! We’ve got all your entertainment needs covered!
·        Free: The best part about our library service is that it’s completely FREE! Free to loan books and other items (including laptops!), free computers, free WI-FI, free scanning, free newspapers, free online library, and free professional advice from your subject librarian! The only thing you’ll ever need to pay for is printing and photocopying…and perhaps the odd fine if you’re late returning your books!