Monday, 28 March 2011

Lord of the Libraries

In the original J.R.R Tolkien adventure set in the fantasy world of Middle Earth, Frodo Baggins undertakes an epic quest to save the Shire and its inhabitants from mortal danger by transporting the ‘ring of power’ back to its ultimate destruction on Mount Doom.

If you fancy a laugh, watch this humorous YouTube version - (produced by Kansas University) which imagines a slightly different scenario! In Lord of the Libraries Frodo and his companions set out to return the long overdue Book of Power back to its rightful place at the university library, thus clearing the name of his uncle Bilbo Baggins and the stigma of overdue library fines that has plagued him for three decades! Along the way they come to realise that libraries aren’t as scary as they first imagined and actually have lots to offer!

If you want to avoid library fines during this vacation period remember you can renew your books in person at any of our three libraries, or you can renew them online or by telephone. Visit our library homepage now for our contact details and Easter vacation opening hours.

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