Monday, 30 November 2015

We love databases!

Over the last few weeks we've been highlighting some of the fantastic journal and newspaper databases we have available for you in our online library. There are thousands of full text articles available for you to access free of charge, from anywhere, 24/7, spanning across all academic subject areas.

This week we've chosen to put the spotlight on Hospitality and Tourism Complete. This collection of scholarly research and industry news contains more than 1.18 million records, with full text articles from over 520 publications including journals, company and country reports and books. Coverage dates back as far as 1938 and includes international as well as British publications.

You can print, save or email the articles, as well as setting up a personal log-in to create email alerts for topics of can even get help with your referencing and citations!

So if you are a student of tourism, catering and hospitality, or event management, this database has loads to, what are you waiting for?!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

UWTSD Swansea Libraries in numbers!

 We have so many fantastic resources and services available through the library, that we decided to look at the statistics behind these resources and services. For example, we calculated that there are over two thousand ebooks available through our catalogue, that  almost 211,000 people visited our four Swansea UWTSD libraries last year and that our blog has received over 60,000 visits as well! We decided that we would like to display the information numerically, as an infographic, and this term  have posted sections of the infographic on our Swansea UWTSD Library Facebook page and on Twitter. However, now we’re revealing the whole poster, in Welsh and in English. We hope you like it!

  If you have any questions about our  range of resources and services, or would like help finding information for your research, please ask and we'll be happy to help!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

We love databases!

Today we're continuing our 'We love databases!' series, featuring IEEE.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library recently celebrated its 15th year as an online resource. Enabling access to scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners, the database IEEE Xplore provides web access to more than three million full-text documents from some of the world's most highly cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics. Its content includes over 160 journals, over 1,200 conference proceedings and more than 3,800 technical standards, with 25,000 new documents being added to IEEE Xplore each month!

An easy to use database, IEEE Xplore contains a wealth of information for electrical engineering, computer science and electronics students. You'll find it in the Databases section of our library website. Simply enter a topic in the search field, e.g. electronics, and you’ll be presented with 1000s of results such as conference proceedings and full-text journal articles. You can refine your results to include journals and magazines and select the date of the articles you wish to view. There’s also a handy Standards Dictionary Terms resource which displays dictionary terms sorted by relevancy of the words you’ve typed into the search box. You can view a summary of the article to see if it’s relevant for your research and check if the author has other articles on the database.  IEEE Xplore often includes full-text pdfs with its references, lists if articles have been cited, and enables you to view articles on a similar topic, again often containing the full-text. Finally, IEEE also displays keywords related to the article, which can be really useful if you are trying to refine your search.

 If you would like help accessing the information on IEEE Xplore or any of our library resources, please contact your subject librarian.

Friday, 13 November 2015

We love databases!

Carrying on with this series, today we’re taking a look at ‘Bridgeman Education’, a fantastic image resource for UWTSD students and staff alike.

If you are looking for high quality, copyright-cleared (for educational use) images then take a look at our Bridgeman Education database!  It can be accessed both on and off campus, via the library webpages From there click ‘Online Library’, then select ‘Swansea Online Library’ and finally click the button ‘Databases A-Z’.  You’ll see Bridgeman Education hyperlinked in the list.

The database provides access to over 800,000 images, and offers an advanced search function as well as the option to zoom in close, and you can create a slide-show too!

Examples of subjects represented within the database are art and design, photography, fashion, architecture and art history. Over 30,000 artists are included plus 17,000 photographs and 28,000 portraits, as well as lots of other content.

So take a look at Bridgeman Education today! If you have any questions, or need help accessing this or any of the other Art & Design databases, please contact librarians Alison Scanlon or Helen Beale, both based at the Griffith Library. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

We love databases!

Today we're continuing our series promoting the many and varied (full-text) library databases we have to offer, with something for our health based students - CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing & Allied Health Literature).

CINAHL is a valuable research tool that provides full-text access to over 550 nursing and health journal publications, dating back as far as 1981 (that's more than 3.2 million records!). As well as journal articles it also provides access to selected conference proceedings, standards of practice, audiovisual materials, book chapters and more. This fantastic database covers a wide selection of topics ranging from nursing and public health, to social care and child welfare.You can print and email articles to yourself, get help with referencing and citation...and even set up email alerts to bring all the latest research on your chosen topics straight to your inbox! What could be easier or more convenient?

So, next time you're struggling to find up-to-date information for your projects and assignments, remember to give our databases a try! It can save you time, effort and money! You can access all our databases quickly and conveniently, on and off campus, via our Swansea Online Library page...all you need is your UWTSD login and password.