Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Vacation Opening Hours

 It’s almost the end of term and we hope you will all have time to relax over the Christmas vacation! Your UWTSD Swansea libraries will be open for some of the vacation, including Christmas Eve. If you would like to visit us after the 11th December, please check our library opening times below, as our vacation hours do differ from our term-time opening.

Please note, in line with the rest of the university, the libraries will be closed on Christmas Day and reopen for the start of term on the 4th January 2016. Any items you borrow over the holiday period will be issued out until the 15th January 2016, so you'll have plenty of time to get the most out of them. Don’t forget though, our online resources are accessible off-campus, wherever you are!

Nadolig Llawen! Merry Christmas!

Griffith Library, Dynevor

Owen Library, Mount Pleasant

Swansea Business School Library

Townhill Library

Monday, 30 November 2015

We love databases!

Over the last few weeks we've been highlighting some of the fantastic journal and newspaper databases we have available for you in our online library. There are thousands of full text articles available for you to access free of charge, from anywhere, 24/7, spanning across all academic subject areas.

This week we've chosen to put the spotlight on Hospitality and Tourism Complete. This collection of scholarly research and industry news contains more than 1.18 million records, with full text articles from over 520 publications including journals, company and country reports and books. Coverage dates back as far as 1938 and includes international as well as British publications.

You can print, save or email the articles, as well as setting up a personal log-in to create email alerts for topics of interest...you can even get help with your referencing and citations!

So if you are a student of tourism, catering and hospitality, or event management, this database has loads to offer...so, what are you waiting for?!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

UWTSD Swansea Libraries in numbers!

 We have so many fantastic resources and services available through the library, that we decided to look at the statistics behind these resources and services. For example, we calculated that there are over two thousand ebooks available through our catalogue, that  almost 211,000 people visited our four Swansea UWTSD libraries last year and that our blog has received over 60,000 visits as well! We decided that we would like to display the information numerically, as an infographic, and this term  have posted sections of the infographic on our Swansea UWTSD Library Facebook page and on Twitter. However, now we’re revealing the whole poster, in Welsh and in English. We hope you like it!

  If you have any questions about our  range of resources and services, or would like help finding information for your research, please ask and we'll be happy to help!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

We love databases!

Today we're continuing our 'We love databases!' series, featuring IEEE.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library recently celebrated its 15th year as an online resource. Enabling access to scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners, the database IEEE Xplore provides web access to more than three million full-text documents from some of the world's most highly cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics. Its content includes over 160 journals, over 1,200 conference proceedings and more than 3,800 technical standards, with 25,000 new documents being added to IEEE Xplore each month!

An easy to use database, IEEE Xplore contains a wealth of information for electrical engineering, computer science and electronics students. You'll find it in the Databases section of our library website. Simply enter a topic in the search field, e.g. electronics, and you’ll be presented with 1000s of results such as conference proceedings and full-text journal articles. You can refine your results to include journals and magazines and select the date of the articles you wish to view. There’s also a handy Standards Dictionary Terms resource which displays dictionary terms sorted by relevancy of the words you’ve typed into the search box. You can view a summary of the article to see if it’s relevant for your research and check if the author has other articles on the database.  IEEE Xplore often includes full-text pdfs with its references, lists if articles have been cited, and enables you to view articles on a similar topic, again often containing the full-text. Finally, IEEE also displays keywords related to the article, which can be really useful if you are trying to refine your search.

 If you would like help accessing the information on IEEE Xplore or any of our library resources, please contact your subject librarian.

Friday, 13 November 2015

We love databases!

Carrying on with this series, today we’re taking a look at ‘Bridgeman Education’, a fantastic image resource for UWTSD students and staff alike.

If you are looking for high quality, copyright-cleared (for educational use) images then take a look at our Bridgeman Education database!  It can be accessed both on and off campus, via the library webpages www.uwtsd.ac.uk/library From there click ‘Online Library’, then select ‘Swansea Online Library’ and finally click the button ‘Databases A-Z’.  You’ll see Bridgeman Education hyperlinked in the list.

The database provides access to over 800,000 images, and offers an advanced search function as well as the option to zoom in close, and you can create a slide-show too!

Examples of subjects represented within the database are art and design, photography, fashion, architecture and art history. Over 30,000 artists are included plus 17,000 photographs and 28,000 portraits, as well as lots of other content.

So take a look at Bridgeman Education today! If you have any questions, or need help accessing this or any of the other Art & Design databases, please contact librarians Alison Scanlon or Helen Beale, both based at the Griffith Library. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

We love databases!

Today we're continuing our series promoting the many and varied (full-text) library databases we have to offer, with something for our health based students - CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing & Allied Health Literature).

CINAHL is a valuable research tool that provides full-text access to over 550 nursing and health journal publications, dating back as far as 1981 (that's more than 3.2 million records!). As well as journal articles it also provides access to selected conference proceedings, standards of practice, audiovisual materials, book chapters and more. This fantastic database covers a wide selection of topics ranging from nursing and public health, to social care and child welfare.You can print and email articles to yourself, get help with referencing and citation...and even set up email alerts to bring all the latest research on your chosen topics straight to your inbox! What could be easier or more convenient?

So, next time you're struggling to find up-to-date information for your projects and assignments, remember to give our databases a try! It can save you time, effort and money! You can access all our databases quickly and conveniently, on and off campus, via our Swansea Online Library page...all you need is your UWTSD login and password.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

We love databases!

This week we're beginning a series of posts to let you know about the fantastic range of databases which are available through our Swansea UWTSD library website.

Databases are online, organized collections of information. You can access them at anytime of the day or night, through any device with an internet connection! Word of warning though, to benefit from  the material available through the databases, you will need to access them through the library website and our  Databases A-Z list.

We are beginning our series with the database NewsBank.


You may have noticed that we have recently acquired a brand new newspaper database called NewsBankNewsBank is a database which includes newspapers such as The Times and Financial Times, as well as local newspapers, for example the South Wales Evening Post and the Western Mail. In fact, NewsBank features more than 700 local, regional and national news sources from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales. There’s even a map of the U.K., so that you can research by country.

NewsBank also has a section featuring special reports which focus upon topics of current interest. These reports contain content from sources throughout the world to provide a global perspective, current and background information, statistics, maps, images, websites, and suggested search terms.

So, why not have a look and if you would like help accessing NewsBank, your subject librarians will be happy to help!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Interactive Library Tour!

Welcome to all our new UWTSD Swansea students! We hope you're enjoying Fresher's Week and getting to know your new friends and surroundings. We're looking forward to meeting you all in person during the library tours and inductions that have been arranged for you. This is your chance to meet your Subject Librarian (an invaluable source of help and advice!) and to learn more about what the library service has to offer. Many of you will get the opportunity to come and look around your nearest library during the first week of term but, if you miss the 'official' tour, we've put together a fab interactive library tour that you can do on your own! Look out for a series of posters like these in our libraries:

All you need to do is download a free QR code reader/scanner onto your mobile device from any app store and you're ready to go! There is a series of 8 posters to find and a quick scan of the QR codes will give you more information about everything from our opening hours to the name of your Subject Librarian.

We'll also be highlighting useful information about the library service on our Facebook and Twitter accounts too, so make sure you 'like'/'follow' us, it's the quickest and easiest way to keep up to date with everything we have to offer...including news of our exciting 'Golden Ticket' competition!!  

Friday, 18 September 2015

Good news re: Griffith Library opening hours!

As of Monday 21st September, the Griffith Library at Dynevor will open 15 minutes earlier in the mornings, from 8.45am Mondays to Fridays. This will initially be as a trial for the whole of Autumn term, so do come in and take advantage of this! (Please note it will be self-service only until 9am).

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Library quote of the day...

“My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything. The perfect day: riding a bike to the library”- Peter Golkin.

Sounds good to us!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Thank you for voting for us!

The Library and Learning Resources Service at UWTSD Swansea was so thrilled to win the category 'Best Non-Academic Department' at the recent Students' Union Student-Led Teaching Awards event in May.

It really means a lot to the library staff, and we're glad to be able to make a positive contribution to student life here at UWTSD Swansea.

Some of the lovely comments included the following...

"Throughout my time at the university the library staff have been more than just someone doing a job, they have become friends, agony aunts, and provide motivation when you're at a low. Furthermore, this year they have gone above and beyond, to rack articles for my dissertation"

And the staff at our Owen Library in particular received some lovely praise...

"Owen Library. Wonderful people!"

"The staff in the library at Mount Pleasant have been incredible, every one of them. Nothing is too much trouble for you"

So thank you once more and we'll display our certificate with pride!

Monday, 6 July 2015

A-Z of UWTSD libraries...

Well, after a five month journey, we’re finally at the end of our UWTSD library A-Z! We hope you’ve found it interesting and that you’ve discovered lots of new things about your library service. Make sure you pop in next time you’re passing and discover something new for yourself. In the meantime, let’s finish the alphabet...

All images courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

X is for:
eXpertise (OK, so we cheated a bit! Let us know if you can think of something beginning with X!!) – Your librarians have a wealth of knowledge and expertise! If you’re struggling to find information for your projects and assignments, come and speak to us, we can help! We can show you the quickest and best ways to search for up-to-date and relevant subject related information. All you have to do is ask!

Y is for:
‘You said, we did’ – We do our best to take on board all your comments and suggestions and to make improvements to the library service wherever possible. This year, at your request; we introduced laptop loans, we increased the number of e-resources, we improved our library website, and we introduced the ‘suggest a book’ online request form for you to request new titles to be considered for purchase. Thanks for all your feedback!

Z is for:
Zones – We try and offer study space to suit all requirements, that’s why we divide our libraries into appropriate zones wherever possible. We provide quiet study space, groups study space, IT zones and seminar rooms for private group work and presentations. Please respect those around you and select the appropriate zone for your needs.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A-Z of UWTSD libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

Well, this is our penultimate entry in the UWTSD library A-Z...and it’s a double whammy! We’re focusing on letters V and W this week...

V is for:

Value – Your UWTSD libraries can save you a huge amount of money, we’ve done the maths! An average academic textbook costs somewhere in the region of £45...multiply that by 15 (the number of books an undergraduate student can borrow at any one time) and that amounts to £675 worth of books...if you borrowed just 15 books per term, that equals £2025 per year...do that for the duration of your 3 year degree course and that’s £6075 that we’ve saved you! That’s without all the journals, newspapers and e-books that we give you free access to...and then there’s the free WiFi...the expert advice etc...you can’t afford NOT to use the library!

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

W is for:

WiFi – All our libraries are WiFi hotspots, so bring along your laptops, tablets and smartphones and you’ll have wireless internet access, completely free of charge! All you need to know is your UWTSD student ID and password. If you have any problems connecting to the WiFi network we have plenty of IT staff available to help.

Website – Our library website contains all the information you need to know about the library, from opening hours and contact details, to subject guides and inter-library loans. Plus, it acts as a portal to all the electronic content in our Online Library, such as; ebooks, ejournals, newspapers and market reports. So, add the library website to your bookmarks/favourites...you’ll be glad you did!

Friday, 26 June 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

Only a few more installments of our of our UWTSD library A-Z left now! But there's still a few highlights to mention before we reach the end! This week we've reached the letter U...

U is for: Using other libraries!

Students and staff of the University may be able to use selected other libraries across the United Kingdom through one of the following schemes...

  • Libraries Together Passport
Students and staff can use public libraries and many other university and college libraries in South and Mid Wales through the Libraries Together Passport scheme. Please ask at your nearest UWTSD library / public library for further information and to collect a Passport, or download and print the passport here: Libraries Together Passport 

  • SCONUL Access
SCONUL Access is a reciprocal service supported by most of the higher education libraries of the UK and Ireland, and provides borrowing privileges for most:

 academic staff on open or fixed term contracts

postgraduate research students registered for a PhD, MPhil or similar qualification

part-time, distance learning and placement students

full-time postgraduates

SCONUL Access also provides for a reference only service for most:

full-time undergraduate students

staff of a few higher education libraries not participating in the reciprocal borrowing arrangements

Membership of SCONUL Access is open to all full SCONUL members and most of the publicly funded higher education libraries in the UK and Ireland are now members. Please note that some libraries do not offer borrowing to all the types of user listed above. Please consult the list of participating libraries before you travel. Computer access is available at some institutions.

To apply for membership visit the SCONUL Access website and complete an application form.

Further details:
Carmarthen / Lampeter students and staff: sconul@tsd.ac.uk
Swansea campus students and staff: helen.beale@sm.uwtsd.ac.uk 

  • National Library of Wales
Anyone with a home address in Wales can apply online for a reader ticket to access the collections of the National Library of Wales. Visit the National Library of Wales website for further details.

  • British Library
Anyone can apply for a reader pass to access the reading rooms of the British Library. Please visit the British Library website for further details.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

We may be near the end of our Library A-Z but there’s still lots of useful information and fun facts to share with you. Today we’ve reached the letter T...

T is for:

·         Trusted – Your UWTSD libraries are a reliable source of high quality print and online resources. You can put your trust in us to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for your projects, assignments and dissertations. Google is great but libraries are better!

·         Teaching – We’ve got all aspects of teaching covered...so, whether you’re looking for education resources and teaching practice materials, or a subject librarian to teach you the basics about how to conduct online research, you’ll find everything you need at UWTSD libraries!

·         Twitter – We have thousands of followers on social media. Twitter in particular is a great way for us to share important information, publicise new resources and interact with staff and students quickly and easily. Follow us on Twitter now and you’ll always be up-to-date with all the latest library news!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Backstage Pass to the Hay Festival...

“Imagine the World” proclaims the Hay Festival strapline. It is an imagination borne out of the writings, thoughts, ideas and philosophies of authors and speakers, which never fails to inspire and entertain. And to provoke thought. One aspect of imagination though which gets little coverage during the event, is the creation of the festival site itself. In the five weeks leading up to the opening, a grassland field is transformed into a tented village, replete with marquees and carpeted boardwalks. Where Friesian cows once grazed, lively audiences now break out into applause and laughter. It is truly a staggering metamorphosis. Passing by the site on a November morning many years ago generated a sense of disbelief, in that a place which had created so much energy and emotion a few short months before had simply vanished. It was quite a surreal experience and has stayed with me. It was almost a magical moment. But evidence that human imagination can work in many different ways to inspire and create.

 Ten days before the Festival opens technical staff move in to set up power supplies and sound systems. During the event itself all technical responsibilities are shouldered by one full time member of staff, with further support provided by 60 temporary workers. This mix of full time and short term paid staff together with a small army of volunteers is characteristic of the staffing profile at Hay……across most departments. University interns are also extensively used too. Within “commercial” areas though (food outlets; retailing/merchandising areas) staff are on hourly paid contracts and tend to return each year like migrating swallows, drawn by the lure of not just financial gain, but also by the buzz of working within a stimulating environment. As one employee put it, “it sort of gets into your bloodstream”. The short term paid staff at the Hay Festival Bookshop for instance work on average for 4 weeks. Two weeks is spent setting up the bookshop before the event opens with the remainder of the time spent working during the Festival itself. Some staff take annual leave from full time jobs “in the outside world”, simply to enjoy working within a festival which embraces a lifetime passion. Not unlike other hobbies and interests, literature is like that.

Cancellation of the proposed Bank Holiday rail strike brought gasps of relief to the Festival “drivers”, who occupy much of their time collecting and returning visiting speakers from and to Hereford railway station. This transport interchange plays an important, yet understated role in the success of the Festival. As so many luminaries travel by train, using the time no doubt to perfect their lines, any industrial action would have caused much disruption. The announcement transformed moods and led to the abandonment of contingency planning schedules. Dining Room talk amongst the drivers was now less about improved Network Rail pay offers but more about the Lords Test Match (well, England for once were playing well). This group of backstage workers are always good value to have lunch with, reciting and replaying shared car journey conversations with the great and the good. Nothing like an insider view or some hot gossip to accompany the midday ham sandwich! Much as though I would like to relate some of these anecdotes to you, my knowledge of litigation prevents that!

The focal point for all staff working at Hay is the staff dining area. It is a haven of relative tranquillity away from the “madding crowds”; a social hub where talk is invariably about speakers and talks. The standard of food is exceptionally good and meal vouchers are gratefully exchanged for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Perhaps it is something about the effects of fresh air, or working outdoors, but food consumption seems particularly high. Do people usually eat this much during their normal lives? It is yet another happening at Hay that provokes a thought. Without doubt it is a most popular venue and the atmosphere within is always upbeat. Food production operations are managed by “Colin” – and have been for the past 27 years. He is as much a fixture at this event as the Florence family and may euphemistically be termed a character. His undoubted culinary talents and experience are matched by a colourful personality which echo loudly within the tent. He and his small team will serve 8,000 staff meals during the course of the event. For the statistically minded six tonnes of food will be ordered to meet this demand, all from local suppliers. The catering operation in itself is quite some accomplishment.

Management of food waste, emanating from both the tented staff canteen - and from the main festival site is a major logistical exercise. It falls under the remit of the Hay on Earth environmental programme, which covers a number of sustainable festival operations. The eight strong Waste Disposal team on site will be taking 9 tonnes of food to compost and will be collecting for recycling purpose, 6 tonnes of cardboard, 4 tonnes of glass and 4 tonnes of dry mixed recyclables. The figures in themselves reflect the magnitude of the festival and reflect in real terms the tangible impacts of 200,000 ticket holders. In their green uniforms (no surprise there) the team are a constant feature of the site, always working stealthily to keep public areas clean and pristine. Not unlike visitor management duties carried out by festival stewards, it is the understated nature of these type of duties which enhance the visitor experience.

Feedback from Hay 2015 has been particularly positive. The weather played its part with minimal rainfall, so wellingtons were a rare sight. It was correspondingly therefore a bad year for deckchairs as they were used so much. Free ticketing for school children proved to be a popular draw judging by the combined attendance of 5,500 over the two days. Much comment was also received about the site layout which in floor area terms was slightly bigger than 2014, providing more space for eating/drinking; for entry and exit points into venues - and for general access around the site. Again issues and developments relating to managing the visitor experience.

Driving away for the last time from this delightful part of East Wales, I played my usual game of selecting personal highlights; speakers and performances for instance, or shared conversations, moments of humour perhaps? The irony of a talk about the English and their history being delivered on the Wales stage, or endless political reflections about social welfare cuts and austerity taking place within the Daily Telegraph Tent both made me smile…or was it something completely different? Something over and above such things? Well this year it was. With profuse apologies to the stellar celebrities, my selection surprisingly related to a design highlight that consistently influenced the festival atmosphere...wider boardwalks! Their introduction had a marked impact. From a backstage perspective, easier visitor mobility around the site led to reduced congestion and happier visitors, which just goes to prove once again the disproportionate effect that small changes can have upon raising levels of enjoyment. 

That’s it for another year. Well at least in Wales. Another Hay Festival will take place in Ireland at the end of June and then subsequently across other continents. Time enough yet to organise a few more backstage passes!   

Andrew Campbell

Monday, 1 June 2015

A-Z Of UWTSD Libraries...

Image Courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

We’re fast approaching the end of our library A-Z now, only a few more weeks left...we’ve been doing this since February! There’s obviously a lot of great things to say about libraries! Let's continue with the letter S...

S is for:

·         Special CollectionsThe RodericBowen Library & Archives (Lampeter Campus) houses the Special Collections of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the University's oldest printed books, manuscripts and archives. Acquired over the last 200 years, largely by bequest and donation, the Special Collections include over 35,000 printed works, 8 medieval manuscripts, around 100 post medieval manuscripts, and 69 incunabula.  Material from the Archives includes the early student registers and photographs from the mid nineteenth century onwards.

·         SubjectLibrarians – Whatever course you are studying here at UWTSD you will find a team of dedicated Subject Librarians available to assist you with subject specific information and research enquiries. Check our website or call in to your nearest UWTSD library to find out which librarian is responsible for your subject area...they will be invaluable during your time here! 

·         Self-Service – All our libraries have self-service facilities, so if there is a queue at the main desk, or if you are in a hurry between lectures, you can quickly and easily borrow or return books yourself at the designated self-service points, without needing to wait for a member of library staff to become available.

·         Study Space – We allocate study spaces in all our libraries, for both groups and individual study. So if you need somewhere convenient to go and finish off your assignment, do some last minute revision, or practice a group presentation, pop in to your nearest UWTSD library, there’s plenty of room! 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Green Impact Scheme

Well we did it! We received a Bronze Standard certificate at the Green Impact Award Ceremony on Wednesday 27th May. Earlier in the year, we wrote about our aim to change the way we worked in order to become more environmentally friendly, and described  the steps we were taking to accomplish our target. 

Now for the facts and figures part! In our university, 20 departments took part, of which 15  achieved  Bronze Standard, 1 achieved  Silver and 2 achieved Gold, altogether a fantastic result! Alana Smith, the Sustainability Engagement Officer, has kindly provided the information and calculations below, completed through using the Carbon Trust calculator which estimates the impact the teams have had upon carbon reductions and financial savings.

“Energy: This year an estimated 147 people have been reached by teams campaigning for staff to switch lights and equipment off when not in use, potentially saving 16,659 kg CO2 and £2,603 this year across the institution.

Waste: An estimated 92 people have been reached by teams raising awareness to print and photocopy double‐sided, potentially saving 4,968 kg CO2 and £1,840 on resource costs this year across the institution.

Travel: An estimated 28 people have been reached by teams encouraging staff to use teleconferencing facilities rather than travelling to all meetings, potentially saving 1589 kg CO2 and £1,386 this year across the institution.”

We’re very proud of our award! Next year, we’re hoping to  improve our department’s sustainability even more and go for silver!We'll let you know how we get on.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

Hot on the heels of UWTSD Swansea Libraries recent accolade at the Student Led Teaching Awards (“Best Non-Academic Department”), it’s time to highlight some more great things we have to offer! Our library A-Z has reached the letter R this week...

R is for:

·         Research – Make the library your first port of call when beginning your research for assignments, presentations, group work and dissertations. We can provide you with access to a vast selection of up-to-date, relevant, peer reviewed information, both in print and online. We also have Subject Librarians at hand to help if you get stuck! Think of us as one big friendly search engine! Who needs Google when you’ve got us at your disposal?!

·         Reading Lists – Don’t panic! There’s no need to buy everything on your course reading lists, come and borrow the required textbooks from us...free of charge! You can save your bank balance and the environment at the same time! We should have most, if not all, of the items you require.

·         Reference Material – Some of the items in our libraries are marked ‘Reference Only’, this means you can’t borrow them. Why is this a good thing?? It means that we will always have copies of the most essential and in demand texts available for you to use in the library...even when all other copies are out on loan.  

·         Relaxation – Libraries are a great place to relax and enjoy some quiet time in between lectures. Whether you just want to check your emails, read a novel, or catch 40 winks in a comfy chair (yes, we’ve spotted you snoozing in the corner!) libraries are the perfect place to unwind.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

Time to revisit our A-Z of all things library related! This week we’re moving on to the letter Q...

Q is for:

·         Quality – Information is everywhere these days and is available at the touch of a button, 24/7. But with so much information out there and with so many sources to choose from, how can you be sure of its quality and provenance? By resisting the lure of Google and Wikipedia and visiting your nearest UWTSD library that’s how! Our libraries will only ever provide you with reputable, up-to-date and peer reviewed information, taking much of  the stress out of your research. So, the next time you’re preparing for an assignment, project or dissertation, remember it’s quality not quantity that counts! 
·         Questions – Our highly experienced library staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are used to dealing with your questions and queries...we’ve probably answered just about every type of question over the years! So if you’re struggling with your research and need help, don’t be afraid to come and ask us. There’s no question too big or too small!

·         Quiet – We try not to live up to the typical ‘shushing librarian’ stereotype these days (!!) and it’s true that there are many areas of the library where it is perfectly ok for you to talk and work in groups...but we do still maintain quiet study areas for those that need them. So, if you are looking for a little oasis of calm to get that last minute assignment or revision done, visit one of our libraries and look for the quiet zones. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dylan Thomas Day

On 14th May 1953, Under Milk Wood, written by Dylan Thomas, had its first staged reading at the 92nd Street Y Poetry Center in New York. To commemorate this event, 14th May has been designated as ‘Dylan Day’, a day chosen to celebrate the life and work of Dylan Thomas.  
Literature Wales  has invited everyone to join in the fun and a host of events has been planned, in the UK and around the world, from creative writing workshops, literary tours, educational resources and readings in unusual places!

If you would like to hear ‘Under Milk Wood’, a rare recording of a 1957 broadcast, narrated by Donald Houston, is available through the BBC. Or if you would like to read poetry, stories or plays by Dylan Thomas, or delve into biographies or critical essays about the author, have the look at our catalogue. We've plenty for you to choose from! 

                        Inside Dylan Thomas' Writing Shed in Laugharne.
                           (Photograph courtesy of: Alison Beckett)

A-Z of UWTSD libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

We hope you’re enjoying our library A-Z! We’re continuing our walk through the alphabet today with the letter P...

P is for:

·         Printing & Photocopying – All our libraries provide colour and black and white printing and photocopying facilities (most of our copiers also double up as scanners). There is a printing and photocopying account already set up for you as a UWTSD student, so all you need to do is bring your university ID card with you and pay for credits either at the main desk or the self-service machine. You’ll find plenty of printers and copiers available at all libraries. If you need any help using them just ask a member of library or IT staff.  

·         Pinterest – From library quotes to book art and vintage library posters, there’s something for everyone with a visual interest in libraries, books and reading on our Pinterest board. Take a look!

·         PsycARTICLES – If you’re looking for full text journal articles relevant to psychology and the behavioural and social sciences, look no further! This journal database provides access to over 180,000 full-text articles from more than 100 APA peer-reviewed journals. You’ll find it in our Online Library, Databases A-Z.

Monday, 11 May 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

There’s so much on offer from your UWTSD libraries! Let’s continue our A-Z guided tour with the letter O...

O is for:

·         Opening Hours – We do our best to be open at the times you need us most. In addition to standard opening hours, we offer evening and weekend opening during term time, we also keep some libraries open on Sundays and Bank Holidays where possible. All opening hours are on our website, just check before you leave home!

·         OnlineLibrary – The library buildings may not be open all day, every day, but we can still offer a 24/7 library service with the help of our Online Library! All you need is your university login and password and you’ll have access to a vast collection of Ebooks, Ejournals, Enewspapers, statistics, industry and company reports, case studies and much more...all at the touch of a button and in the comfort of your own home! Just visit the library website and follow the link...

·         Oxford Reference Online – Looking for a concise dictionary definition, alternative words from a thesaurus, or a famous quotation? Try Oxford Reference Online (one of our many databases in the OnlineLibrary). Think of it as a virtual reference shelf containing all the specialist dictionaries and encyclopaedias you could ever need! 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries...

Image courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

Time to return to our A-Z journey through the highlights of UWTSD libraries…we’ve reached the letter N!

N is for:

·         Newspapers – Bring your assignments bang up to date by including some relevant news articles! You’ll find print copies of a selection of national and regional newspapers in most of our libraries and we also keep a limited amount of back issues, should you require them. You can also access newspaper articles via some of the databases in our online library.

·         Noise – Our libraries are divided into zones, quiet ones and noisy ones! We make provision for group study, individual study and silent study. Please work in the appropriate area and respect the needs of those who are sharing the library space with you.

·         Novels – If you need a break from all the hard core academic textbooks…why not borrow a novel from us? We stock a vast collection of classic and modern fiction within our library service! Take a look at our library catalogue or speak to a librarian if you need help locating anything.

·         National Libraries Day – It’s true, we’re so fantastic we have our own special day! At the start of February every year we have a national day dedicated to celebrating libraries and reading. So, remember to pop along to your local library next time, to see what events are going on and to show your support!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Library and Learning Resources / Information Technology and Systems Survey 2015

It’s that time of year again when we are running our Library and Learning Resources Satisfaction Survey. We value your opinions and would be very grateful if you could complete the survey. It will only take about 5 minutes to complete and we’ll use the results to inform our future service delivery and development. This year we've also included a section on Information Technology and Systems.

The survey runs from today, Tuesday 5th May until Friday 12th June. You’ll find the survey on our website, on Moodle or on MyDay. If you complete the survey, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of two  Amazon vouchers, worth £25 and £50. So, go ahead and have your say and you might win a prize!

 (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Thursday, 30 April 2015

May Day Holiday

Image courtesy of Panuruangjan / Free Digital Photos

This May Day Bank Holiday, Monday 4th May you will be able to use the Owen and Townhill libraries, which are open from 12-5 pm. Please note however that we are only offering self-service.

The Griffith Library and Swansea Business Campus Library will be closed, but all four libraries will resume term-time opening hours on Tuesday 5th May. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend all!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

World Book Night 2015...

On 23rd April Carmarthen and Lampeter campus libraries took part in World Book Night – an evening of gifting books with the aim of targeting reluctant readers.  Back in January I had volunteered my services as a Book Giver and was fortunate enough to be accepted.

By the time the books had arrived at the beginning of March, I had forgotten all about the titles etc. so it all came as quite a surprise.  We had been given 24 copies each of Karl Pilkington’s The Moaning of Life and Lynda La Plante’s Prime Suspect.  These were two great titles to receive as it would span the demographic within the university quite nicely.

Preparations were all a bit last minute – World Book Night falling right in the heart of dissertation season was not ideal – but hopefully students would see the books as a suitable dangling carrot – perhaps something to take on that well-earned holiday and read by the pool?

The books were laid out in each campus library on Thursday afternoon and we were pleasantly surprised by the take-up.  Only a couple of copies left on each campus on Friday morning.  Better still, it was good to see that so many had offered their details for the Reading Agency’s marketing survey – the £5 high street voucher was clearly a draw.

All in all, this was a success for us and something we would definitely take part in again.  As an academic library we are here to help students with their research and information literacy skills; but we still uphold the values of all libraries and that is to take pleasure in reading – it can take you off to wonderful places!

If anyone is interested in being a giver themselves they can sign up for reminders now from the World Book Night website. 

Suzy Fisher
Periodicals Librarian
Carmarthen Campus