Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A-Z Of UWTSD Libraries...

Image Courtesy of: Josh Filhol / Library A-Z

We are highlighting the numerous services offered by your UWTSD libraries by working our way through the alphabet…let’s continue our A-Z series with the letter C…

C is for:

  • Catalogue: Our library catalogue is web-based so you can search it anywhere,’s also mobile compatible so you can access it on the go! Use it to search for titles from our vast range of library stock including; books, journals, DVDs & audio packs etc. The catalogue will tell you how many copies we have and where to find them. Make the library catalogue your first port of call when you receive your course/module reading lists! 
  • Computers: All our UWTSD libraries have computers available for you to use. You can log on with your university username and password to access the internet, email, Moodle, Turnitin and various computer software packages that will help with your assignment writing. Many of our libraries also have technicians close by to help with any IT related problems.
  •  Copyright: This is an automatic legal right of ownership which allows the creator of a written, artistic or published work to control how it is used.  Copyright lasts for a set period of time and the current UK law on copyright is the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 as amended.  A person may use a copyright protected work only if you have been given permission by the copyright owner or by law. Copyright law provides some exceptions for private study, education and public accessibility and the University also has a range of licenses which allow copyright works to be accessed within certain limits.  For more information, please contact the Library.
  • Careers: Many of our libraries display career information and leaflets provided by the UWTSD careers service. We also have vocational books and journals relating to careers in the many subject areas taught within the university.

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