Monday, 2 February 2015

A-Z of UWTSD Libraries!

Image courtesy of: Josh FilholLibrary A-Z

Do you realise just how much your UWTSD library service has to offer? We’re not just about books you know!
Over the coming weeks we’ll be highlighting our vast range of services and attributes by working our way through the alphabet - so let’s start at the beginning…
A is for:
·        Access – We are an access point for all the information you could possibly need during your studies – we even provide 24 hour access via our online library.
·        Artefact Collection – Our library on the Carmarthen campus has a vast collection of educational artefacts for loan from Roman coins and a Hanukah lamp through to bee-bots, play parachutes and puppets. It was originally created for those doing teacher training but resources may also be of use to those doing other courses such as Early Childhood Studies and Youth and Community.
·       Advice – We’re here to help! If you’re struggling to find information for an assignment or you’re wading through a lengthy reading list don’t be afraid to come and ask the library staff for help. Do you know who your Subject Librarians are? Find out – they could be your new best friend for the duration of your studies!
·       Answers – There’s a famous quote by Neil Gaiman that says “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one!” Librarians pre-date Google by many centuries, we’ve been asked loads of questions over the years and are pretty good at what we do – so why not ask us before you resort to asking an internet search engine?! ;-)

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