Wednesday, 17 December 2014

So, what exactly does a librarian do?

This may be a question you’ve asked yourself. The popular perception is of a cardigan-wearing lady with glasses and a bun who says “Shhhh!” a lot. Yes, it’s true, most of us have a cardigan or two (it can get cold in those stacks!), some of us wear glasses, some of us may even on occasion sport a bun, and we’ll certainly ask you to quiet down if we think you’re disturbing other library users. There is, though, so much more to the job than that. Librarians come in many shapes and sizes, and find themselves fulfilling all sorts of roles in different organisations.

In an attempt to show off the variety to be found in the information and library sector in Wales, the 23 Llyfrgellydd blog profiles a different librarian or information professional each week to find out what their job involves. This week, our very own Philippa Price has been blogging about her role here at UWTSD. Take a look. It’s not all about stamping books, you know!

Dressing up for World Book Day is just one of the things which bring such variety to a librarian's role!

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