Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas ‘blind date with a book’

Regular blog readers may remember our Valentine's ‘blind date with a book’ a couple of years ago, when staff at Townhill Library packaged up some books from the shelves so you could borrow a mystery ‘blind date’ to be unwrapped at home. It was a really popular idea, and we enjoyed doing it, so we’ve decided to do the same thing for Christmas!

Call into Townhill Library from now until Christmas Eve and you’ll see lots of lovely Christmas surprises under our tree. The idea is simple – we’ve chosen some of our favourite library books for you and wrapped them up so you don’t know what they are. There’s a little summary on each gift tag to help you choose one that you’d like to borrow. Perfect for those of us that are looking forward to snuggling down with a good book this Christmas, but aren’t sure what to read next! There are just a few simple steps to follow:-
  • Take the book to the counter to issue (if you use self-service, no peeking at the title on the screen!)
  • Open the package when you get home (you can wait till Christmas Day, if you like!)
  • Books will be issued until the 16th January, so don't forget to bring your book back next term!

There are all sorts of books under the tree, so you’re bound to find something you like the sound of. Call in when you can, and remember to let us know what you thought or your surprise read!


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