Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day 2014

Swansea Business School Library Staff
In case you didn't know, Thursday 6th March 2014 is World Book Day! People all over the world will be celebrating everything that is great about books and reading. School children in the UK will be dressing up as their favourite book characters...and not wanting to miss out on all the fun, our UWTSD Swansea library staff decided to take matters into their own hands!

Staff from the Griffith Library at Dynevor
Staff chose to dress up in a vast array of costumes themed around children's literature, from Harry Potter and Peter Mary Poppins and the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland...

Townhill Library Staff
We also put up some themed book displays on 'World Travel', 'As Seen on Screen' and 'Children's Reading'...not to mention yards of bunting for added decoration! We hope you had as much fun as we did! 


  1. Weirdly, no-one outside the UK is celebrating; UNESCO set WBD as 23rd April. It was moved to March in the UK to avoid clashing with St. George's Day.
    A great effort by the staff with their costumes! Well done!

  2. How strange?! Well we're enjoying the British celebrations anyway! The staff do look great...we'll be posting some more pics on our other social media sites later...Tin Tin and Where's Wally have just arrived for the evening shift here at Swansea Business School Library! :-)

  3. So, "British" World Book day 6 March, "Rest of the World" World book Day 23 April. Interstingly Britain does join the rest of the World in celebrating world Book Night on 23 April (which is also Shakespeare's Birthday) so it as obviously assumed by the "British authorities" that as day moves into evening everypone in the UK stops celebrating the anniversary of the patron saint of England and has time for culture.