Monday, 24 March 2014

Desert Island Books...

Image Courtesy of: Savit Keawtavee / Free Digital Photos
Here we are again with another instalment of our Desert Island Books series! This time we have contributions from Suzanne Taylor, one of our Assistant Librarians from Townhill Library. Suzanne looks after all library resources for Psychology & Counselling as well as Performance & Literature.
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If you were stranded on a desert island which 4 books would you like to have with you and why?
It was difficult to only choose four books that I would want to have with me, should I be marooned on a desert island. Initially, ‘Exotic raw food recipes-75 raw food recipes you can make with tropical fruits and vegetables in five minutes or less’ by F. Patenaude, was high on my list. However, I finally selected the following:
A Survival Guide for Life by Bear Grylls, to help me face the challenges and enjoy the adventure!
The Complete Gardener by Monty Don, so that I could create my own garden and grow my own food. There’s something lovely about planting seeds in warm soil....
Tree Houses You Can Actually Build (A weekend project book) by David Stiles.  I would want to build a high-quality shelter, although creating a tree house in a weekend might be a little hard to achieve!
Staying Sane: How to Make Your Mind Work for You by Raj Persaud. If I only have myself to talk to, I’m going to need a book like this!
If you could bring one of the characters to life, for company, who would you choose and why?
If I were allowed to have one person with me for company, it might have to be Monty Don. His gardening knowledge would be invaluable.
You can have one luxury item on the island with you…what would it be?
There are many items I’d like to have as my luxury item. I did think about a Swiss Army penknife, but am hoping that if I am marooned a knife block, complete with a collection of knives from the ship’s kitchen, would also be washed up on shore, as they would be really useful. Therefore, I think my luxury item would have to be a wind-up radio, maybe in a tasteful retro design. Then I could listen to music all day long, as I merrily hacked through the island’s vegetation and built my tree house.....
You are rescued and can only take one book back with you…which one would you pick?
If I were rescued and was given the choice of taking one book back, I don’t think I would. I’d leave all the books, which would probably be quite tattered by now,  on the island in case anyone else was similarly marooned in the future. Instead, as mementos of my stay, I’d maybe take some of the wood carvings I’d had time to whittle with all those knives....

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