Friday, 25 May 2012

The torch is coming!!

The Olympic torch is arriving in Swansea this weekend! It will set off from Cardiff early on Saturday morning and arrive at Swansea's Castle Square by 6pm in the evening. There will be a brief pause and photo opportunity and then it will continue on its way to Singleton Park where a special evening of celebration will take place.

There will be lots of things going on in and around the city centre all day on Saturday in the build up to the arrival of the torch, including street entertainers, stilt walkers, dance acts and various bands.

It should be a great day and a fantastic opportunity for everyone to participate in a little bit of Olympic history! I'll be there...will you?


  1. Couldn't go into Swansea on Saturday so heard the torch was going to be going over Loughor Bridge on Sunday morning at 9am. Rang the events manager for the olympics and this was confirmed,it was being held as a runner holds the torch. Lots of people lined the bridge and for a brief 5 seconds the torch went acorss the bridge in a MINI-BUS!!!!!!!! Everyone was disappointed. NOT HAPPY!!!!!!

  2. That's a shame! I live near Loughor Bridge and my neighbours were going to go there to watch it too but they'd heard the night before that it was going by minibus convoy so they didn't bother...obviously the message didn't get widely publicised!

    I went to see it in Swansea's Castle Square because i thought there would be more atmosphere...and I wasn't disappointed, it was fab! I guess we are just lucky that the torch relay passed so close to all of us and we had so many opportunities to go and see it somewhere...