Friday, 17 February 2012

More good news for researchers of business information!

As readers of this blog will know, SMU Library is currently running a free trial for the Key Note business information database until 7th March 2012. We have now also arranged to run a concurrent, free trial for Passport GMID until 8th March 2012.

Passport GMID is a global market information database and analysis tool containing comprehensive data and reports across all industries, countries and consumers.
Subscribers use the system to support a wide range of business functions and research projects:

Industry analysis
Export and market entry strategies
Trend monitoring
Company analysis
Country profiling
Consumer and household profiling
Lifestyle analysis
Modelling and forecasting
General business reference

A Passport GMID subscription includes:
10 million internationally comparable market statistics on industries, countries and consumers.
18,000 full text market reports, company reports and country reports.
Expert analyst comment on emerging industry trends, country trends and consumer trends.
Details of thousands of information sources to aid further research.
Powerful data analysis functions allowing users to customise data for specific needs.

To access Passport GMID, go to the business subject pages on the library website. Click on the Databases tab in the top left corner of the screen and then find Passport GMID in the alphabetical listing.

We currently subscribe to Datamonitor360 for marketing and company information. Why not compare this service to Key Note and Passport GMID? Never has so much business data been available to SMU library users at the mere touch of a button or two ...

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