Friday, 3 February 2012

Congratulations Suzanne!

Hello again! My name is Suzanne Taylor and I’m the subject librarian for Performance & Literature, Counselling & Psychology and Educational Studies. I’m also studying for a MSc (Econ) in Information & Library Studies, via a distance learning course with Aberystwyth University.

After a nail biting couple of months, I’ve received confirmation that I’ve passed my final assignments, equivalent to a Postgraduate Diploma, and am now a qualified Assistant Librarian. It has been lovely to delete ‘trainee’ from my email signature and to have a new sign for the office door!

The coursework has been challenging at times, especially as when I started, I hadn’t written an assignment for more than fifteen years! It’s also made me appreciate just how difficult it can be to balance studying with working full-time and having a life outside work.

Although I could stop now, I’m going to carry on and complete my degree. So, in future, if you see me laden down with books or typing furiously I’ll probably be tackling my dissertation. Wish me luck....only 15,000 words to go.....


  1. You can do it Sue :-)

  2. Congratulations Sue, good luck for the dissertation :)