Thursday, 10 November 2011

Introducing your subject librarian...

Hello. My name is Suzanne Taylor and I’ve worked in Townhill Library for five years, two as a Library Assistant and three as a Trainee Assistant Librarian, prior to which I was a primary school teacher. The subject areas I support are: Performance & Literature, Counselling & Psychology and Educational Studies. To become a fully-fledged Assistant Librarian, I’m doing a Master’s degree in Economics and Library Information Studies via a distance learning course with Aberystwyth University. I’ve just completed enough modules to qualify for a postgraduate diploma and remove ‘trainee’ from the sign on my office door. I do however have a few nail biting months ahead waiting for the Examining Board to confirm my results. Then there’s a fifteen thousand word dissertation in front of me!!!

My favourite things...

Listening to live music from bands covering the sixties. One of the bands I saw last year was New Amen Corner and they were fantastic! I’m a fan of the Beatles, so standing on Mathew Street and hearing the song Eleanor Rigby floating up the steps of the Cavern was a truly magical moment. I also have a soft spot for Elvis.....especially as he was in the ‘68 Comeback Special’.

My two favourite TV programmes are: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (Sheldon is brilliant!) and ‘The Dog Whisperer’ with Cesar Millan (Cesar is a genius!). I’m looking forward to having a dog in the New Year, as by then the garden will be securely fenced and a dog basket will have been bought, so any ‘choosing and looking after your dog’ advice in advance will be gratefully received!

I love my job and can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. Being able to look out of the window and see the sea still makes me feel as if I’m on holiday, even though I’ve been living in Swansea now for five years. That’s it really, except to say, I’ve enjoyed meeting so many new and returning students this term and hope to see you all again soon.

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