Monday, 12 September 2011

Townhill Library open evenings and Saturdays

For most of you, the start of term is still a week or two away, but with the arrival of the Secondary PGCEs cohort today (welcome!), it's almost back to business as usual for SMU's Townhill Library. We aren't quite back to a full term-time service yet, but opening hours for this week are as follows:-

8.30am - 9pm Monday to Wednesday
8.30am - 5pm Thursday
8.30am - 7pm Friday
10am-4pm Saturday

Please note the 5pm closure on Thursday. This may continue for a few weeks due to staff shortages. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. Keep an eye on the Notices section of the library homepage for updates on opening times.

Owen Library and Griffith Library are still operating vacation hours, but Mount Pleasant and Dynevor students are welcome to use Townhill Library, so please feel free to call in and take advantage of our extended hours.

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