Friday, 2 September 2011

Dynevor Library to be re-named

The Dynevor Library is to be re-named 'The Griffith Library at Dynevor', in memory of Sue Griffith, Art & Design lecturer, who sadly passed away at the end of July.

Sue was also our Art & Design library representative, and was a great advocate of libraries, and indeed was instrumental in the development of the Art & Design library stock over the last twenty years. She will be missed as a colleague and friend at Dynevor, but hopefully this is a fitting tribute to her, and during the autumn term an official naming ceremony will take place.

I'd like to leave you with a quote from Sue, taken from a blog post earlier on in the year...

"I love the atmosphere of libraries and the whole concept of sharing books (knowledge)... libraries are luscious."


  1. "Libraries are luscious" - that should be our new slogan! We should have staff t-shirts printed!!

    It's a fitting tribute to have the library re-named after Sue. She will be sadly missed.

  2. A perfect permanent reminder of all Sue did to empower students year after year.

  3. Wonderful, that would really make Sue smile! A perfect and lasting tribute to a great friend and colleague.