Monday, 25 July 2011

Horrid Henry

Have you come across Horrid Henry yet? He's the loveable scamp from Francesca Simon's popular series of children's books. Think Generation Y's answer to Just William or Dennis the Menace! Henry has been a fixture on the small screen for some time with a cartoon series on CITV, but he is now to make his live action, 3D debut on the big screen too. Horrid Henry: The Movie premiered in London on Sunday and will be released nationwide on Friday.

Henry, though, is ultimately a literary character. You can read all about his adventures with Perfect Peter and Moody Margaret in Francesca Simon's books, some of which are available in the Teaching Practice section of Townhill Library. We've even got some translations of Henry's stories, so you can brush up on your Welsh as you read about Henri Helynt!

If you just can't get enough of Horrid Henry, why not take a look at the official website? You can find out all about the books, get the latest news and read about Henry's friends and enemies. You can even find out your Horrid Henry name! ("Lippy Library", since you asked.) Hours of fun!


  1. According to Horrid Henry's website, I am "Precious Philippa"!

  2. Looked up my Horrid Henry name..."Stylish Samantha" did they know?! Very happy with that :-)

  3. Ha! well we are Ecstatic Emily, Giggly Gwennan, Amazing Aneurin and GRUMPY Geraint..