Thursday, 7 July 2011

CIPD Case Studies Extra!

CIPD have released an expanded and updated version of the Case Studies Club - CIPD Case Studies Extra.

This is a more up-to-date interactive service which has information and resources tailored to CIPD qualifications. The resource is relevant for use as a part of the CIPD Level 3, 5 and 7 qualifications. It is primarily a teaching resource which will help you to access the best resources for your teaching and it still contains all the original case studies.

The new package includes:

- module specific and easy access, saving you time and effort when planning your lectures

- new video content featuring interviews with leading practitioners centred around real-life situations giving a range of perspectives from the real world

- clips from training DVDs presenting real-life situations encouraging discussion and promoting critical thinking

- practical, downloadable quizzes helping students to think about their subject in more detail

- regular updates and new case studies keeping things current, helping students stay engaged

- all areas of subjects covered including international HR

To access this resource go to the Library website and click on the Online Resources A-Z link, then Databases and select CIPD Case Studies Extra. From here you will see a link to the resource, and the username and password you will require for access.

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