Friday, 28 November 2014

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a lovesick penguin…

Have you been enjoying all the Christmas ads on the TV as much as we have? We’re particularly fond of Monty the Penguin and the little boy who gives him the best Christmas gift of a new friend! Always happy for an excuse to share our top 5s, and inspired by Monty, here are our favourite books about penguins!


1.       Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers

The animated adaptation of this appeared on our screens a few Christmases ago, so although it’s not especially Christmassy, it does feel quite seasonal! It’s a lovely story about a little boy’s attempts to help a penguin find his way home and the friendship that grows between them. One to warm the cockles of your heart!

2.      Penguin, by Polly Dunbar

Another one about a boy and his penguin! (There’s a bit of a theme here.) Ben is desperate to get a reaction from his new penguin, but the penguin doesn’t seem to want to say or do anything, until Ben gets eaten by a lion, that is. Brilliant! This is another really heart-warming one.

3.      The Emperor’s Egg, by Martin Jenkins

No little boys here! This tells the story of the life-cycle of the Emperor penguin, but this is far more than an information book. Jenkins makes the story of the male emperor penguin’s vigil on the ice an engaging one. A good one for dad’s everywhere!

4.      Cuddly Dudley, by Jez Alborough

Dudley’s brothers and sisters love cuddling him so much that they just can’t leave him alone! He sets off to find some peace and quiet, but soon realises that being cuddly isn’t so bad after all. Another lovely tale of penguins and friendship.

5.      Potes Pengwin, by Gerald Rose

Not quite such a friendly story, this one! Some scientists working in the Antarctic decide they’d like to try penguin stew. How will our monochrome heroes get themselves out of that pickle? You’ll have to borrow the book to find out!


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