Monday, 2 June 2014

Desert Island Books...Children's Choices!

Aneurin & Gwennan

We decided to mix things up a bit for this week's Desert Island we've handed over the reins to the kids! Assistant Librarian Emily Hywel asked her two children Aneurin (aged 6) and Gwennan (aged 4) some friends...what books and luxury items they would choose. Some great choices...bunny rabbits and nail varnish would certainly cheer us up too! 
If you were stranded on a desert island which 4 books would you like to have with you and why?

 Gwennan & Friends:

Ella Bella Sleeping Beauty – because it all about ballet and I have a friend called Ella
Emily Brown and Stanley the Rabbit – because it has a rabbit in it
The Troll
ANY Peppa Pig books…


Batman – because it’s about a superhero of course!
Minecraft Annual
1000 Gair Cyntaf Sali Mali – so I know what things are called

If you could bring one of the characters to life, for company, who would you choose?

Gwennan & Friends:

Sleeping beauty - cause I like her dress
Emily Brown and Stanley - so we could go on adventures
The Troll - cause he’s a good cook and he cooks fish, even though he prefers goat - but I like fish


Batman or Steve (from Minecraft) - cause either of them can save the day!

You have one luxury item on the island with you... what would it be?
Gwennan & Friends:

A sleeping beauty doll (two of them chose this!)
Some of my bunny rabbits… and my nail varnish!! J


A Minecraft computer that builds things in real life so I can dig up the sand and build a base and other stuff….. (I’m sure this is allowed J)

You are rescued and can only take one book back with you … which one would you pick?

Minecraft Annual of course – but I don’t want to be rescued….

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