Friday, 25 October 2013

Memoirs of part-time study (and a few words of encouragement too) - Caroline

This term, we’re sharing some of our experiences of part-time study with you. We hope you find some useful tips to help with your own studies, or at least take some comfort in the fact that we’ve been through it too! Following on from Hannah earlier in the week, we continue our series with Caroline Mitchell, our Clerical Assistant who is based at Swansea Business School Library. Caroline studied her HNC in Business right here at this university (though we were known as Swansea Institute of Higher Education back then!) and found it a really rewarding experience. Here is her reflection:-

Caroline Mitchell
September 2006 was the start of something new for me… I enrolled on the part-time HNC Business Course. You could say it was a scary first day with lots of doubts and questions - would I be able to do this? Will I enjoy the course? Will anyone else talk to me? Can I do this? I had not done anything since a BTEC Business course when I was 19, but recently my husband had completed his MA Photography course which made me think maybe I could also gain a new qualification.

I got through the first day and found I enjoyed it, the other students were nice and friendly and the lecturers were lovely too. Pam Murray was an inspiration and made the lectures fun and informative. I found it tough when assignments were due, but with the help and encouragement of the staff and my family I managed to get through them. It is definitely worth finding a good spot to get comfortable and relaxed in, which will help you get in the correct frame of mind to write the assignment. The Library has lots of resources available, whether it is a book or journal, or even the online databases. I am one of these learners that are easily distracted so it would have to be complete silence for me to concentrate and get the work done. As the term went on I looked forward to each week to see my class mates again and in anticipation of what the lecturers would be like.

Sometimes I did wonder if I would be able to complete the course as it could be tough, but I stuck with it and did plenty of research (maybe too much at times) and was successful in obtaining my HNC Business Studies award. My graduation ceremony was my proudest moment and was well worth the hard work and determination.

I had planned to continue studies and get the full BA Business qualification, but this had to be postponed due to family commitments. I still hope to pursue the achievement of a BA Business qualification in the not too distant future…..

It can be tough returning to education after quite a long break, but as Caroline found the rewards are well worth it. If you're struggling to settle back in to academic work, don't forget we have lots of study skills books in the library which can help you. You're also very welcome to call in to your campus library and ask to speak to your subject librarian about accessing and using library resources. You'll soon get the hang of it!


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