Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy World Book Day!

In case you didn't know, today is World Book Day! To celebrate, each of our Swansea Met libraries has a themed book display (and some lovely decorations!)...if you venture to Townhill library today you may even encounter a few members of the library staff in fancy dress as famous children's characters!
Townhill library have a 'school' theme for their book display, the Griffith library at Dynevor have chosen 'children's illustration', the Owen library in Mount Pleasant has a display of 'new books' for their FADE students and here at Swansea Business School library we have chosen an 'Olympic' theme that may interest our Sports, Tourism and Events students. So there's something for everyone!  

There are also other celebratory events going on at Swansea Met today...the Primary PGCEs are having a reading corridor at the Townhill campus this morning, where they will be reading aloud from children's books and raising money for Save the Children...staff and students from the department will also be coming in fancy dress!

We will also be putting your literary knowledge to the test on our library Facebook page today...every hour throughout the day we will post an image of a book cover, with the title removed, to see if you can guess what it is, so have a look and see how many you recognise!



  1. The Primary PGCE collected enough money for a classroom from the Save the Children wish list. See how we reacted! via YouTube

  2. Well done everyone! Loved the reading corridor this morning and really enjoyed my cupcake at lunch. Congratulations on raising so much money!