Friday, 1 February 2013

Read a good book lately? wants to hear about it! is the website for everything you need to know about Welsh libraries. They’ve recently set up a blog (‘Read a good book lately?’) that lets members of the public, book groups and schools share their reviews of books. So if you’ve read a fantastic novel recently and would like to let others know about it, head to and submit your thoughts. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this bank of reviews, so it should develop into an excellent place to get some inspiration for your next read!

Did you know that you can also rate the books and DVDs that you borrow from Swansea Met libraries? Our catalogue now has a feature that lets you give a star rating to any of our items. To do this, just head to our new catalogue (you might see it called Prism 3), log on to ‘My Account’, then use the search box to find your book or DVD and click on the star rating you think it deserves. This is a great way to let your fellow students know which books are most helpful, and also which ones aren’t so good!


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