Saturday, 19 January 2013

Normal service has resumed!

All four Swansea Met libraries are open again today after having been closed yesterday due to the bad weather, so feel free to pop in! We'll be here from 10am - 4pm. Take care on the roads and pavements if you are going to Townhill library as they are still pretty trecherous.
If you are still snowbound where you live and can't make it into the library today, don't forget about all our fabulous online resources that you can still make use of, take a look at the library website for all the details!


  1. what bad weather is this as i have seen no snow all week we have had a bit of rain and wind that's it?

  2. Hi there. This post is almost two weeks old now and refers to the bad weather we had the week before last. Normal service has resumed since then! It's a beautiful day today and your Swansea Met libraries are open as normal.