Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Word of the day!

If, like me, you enjoy discovering new words and their meaning, you can sign up by email to receive a 'word of the day' via the Oxford English Dictionary online.

SMU Libraries subscribe to this resource with access via the Library web pages at http://www.oed.com/ As well as giving you a comprehensive dictionary with over 600,000 words from the English language, there is also a wealth of other useful and interesting information on the site, such as the history of words, quotes and a thesaurus.

Today's OED word of the day is 'orrery', and if that is new to you it means 'a mechanical model, usually clockwork, devised to represent the motions of the earth and moon (and sometimes also the planets) around the sun'.

So check it out...you'll be hooked!

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