Friday, 10 August 2012

Fixtures and fittings!

Time for an update on the latest goings on at our new library in Swansea Business School!

Well, the IT staff have been extremely busy installing Wi-Fi, desks and wiring for all the new open access PCs that will be arriving soon and taking delivery of new photocopiers, printers and scanners. We've also had our security system installed as well as a self service unit for our borrowers. Library staff have also been busy unpacking boxes and office supplies and checking that all the books and journals have reached their new home in the correct order! 

Next week the first of the new furniture will be arriving, which we're very excited about! A modern mixture of desks, chairs, sofas, stools and other soft seating in snazzy new colours will brighten up the new library a treat and make it somewhere SMU students and staff will feel comfortable and relaxed. We want to make the new library somewhere you'll all enjoy visiting!

Over the next few weeks we are expecting new PCs to be installed as well as a new library counter and enquiry's all starting to take shape!    

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